Data Analyst Role

Start Date March 11, 2024


About the Client

The client is an organization focused on the analysis and evaluation of grant-related, process-based, and survey data to inform strategic decisions regarding funding allocation and process optimization for disease control and health system support. They work closely with the Global Fund and other stakeholders to ensure effective and efficient grant management and operational processes.

Role Overview

The client seeks a Data Analyst to undertake comprehensive analyses across multiple datasets, including grant-related data, process-based data, and survey data. The analyst will play a crucial role in identifying trends, variances, and efficiencies to support the client's evaluation and strategic decision-making processes.


  • Data Analysis and Reporting:
    • Analyze budgetary and performance data across approximately 300 grants, focusing on various disease areas such as HIV, TB, Malaria, and Health Systems Strengthening (HSS).
    • Identify trends and variances in funding requests, grant approvals, budget allocations, and performance indicators.
    • Conduct grant level analysis to highlight significant characteristics and support qualitative evaluations.
    • Analyze process-based data to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of grant-making processes.
    • Review and synthesize survey data to understand stakeholder perspectives, correlating with evaluation questions.
  • Data Visualization and Narrative Development:
    • Create compelling graphics to illustrate data analysis findings.
    • Draft narrative reports to support the visual data representations for inclusion in the final evaluation report.


  • Proven experience in data analysis, particularly with budgetary and performance data.
  • Proficiency in data visualization tools and techniques.
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to identify trends and variances.
  • Experience in synthesizing survey data and qualitative information.
  • Familiarity with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI techniques for data analysis is highly desirable.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team to meet project deadlines.

Project Details

  • Level of Effort: Maximum of 40 days, contingent upon approval by the Global Fund.
  • Start Date: Next week, subject to dataset availability.
  • Completion Date: Mid to end of May.

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