Security Architect

Start Date April 01, 2024


  • 500€ daily rate
  • Hybrid: 2/3 days a week on-site
  • Part time: 4 days a week and full-time hours
  • Location: Anderlecht, Brussels
  • EU National
  • Language: English only
  • Deadline: 25/03

We are looking for a technically sound security architect to be responsible for the design, building, testing, and implementation of security systems within our IT network. The security architect's responsibilities include reviewing our current security measures, recommending enhancements, identifying areas of weakness, and responding promptly to possible security breaches. You will also be responsible for conducting regular system tests and ensuring the continuous monitoring of the network's security.

To be a successful security architect, you should be experienced in information security and IT risk assessment, with a strong understanding of security protocols, authentication, and security. You should also possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, and be able to work with a wide variety of people.

Security Architect Responsibilities:

  • A thorough understanding of the organization's technology and IT systems.
  • Planning, researching, and designing security architectures.
  • Developing, reviewing, and approving the installation requirements for LANs, WANs, VPNs, routers, firewalls, and related network devices.
  • Researching and designing public key infrastructures, certification authorities, and digital signatures, and ensuring all personnel have IT access limited to their need and role in the organization.
  • Developing project timelines for system upgrades and preparing cost estimates.
  • Testing the final security system and updating and upgrading it as needed.
  • Establishing disaster recovery procedures and conducting security breach drills.
  • Responding quickly and effectively to all security incidents and providing post-event analyses.
  • Monitoring and guiding the security team, cultivating a sense of security awareness, and arranging for continuous education.
  • Remaining up to date with the latest security systems, standards, authentication protocols, and products.

Security Architect Requirements:

  • A bachelor's or associate's degree in IT, computer science, or related field.
  • Advanced IT security certifications may be advantageous.
  • 5-10 years' experience in information security and IT risk management.
  • A strong working knowledge of current IT risks, security implementations, and computer operating and software programs.
  • The ability to interact with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and races.
  • Excellent teaching, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Required skills

Application Security Firewall

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