Full Stack Developer UK Client Laravel VueJs

Start Date February 22, 2024


Software Developer Position

The Client is seeking a skilled Software Developer to join their team. This role is pivotal in providing technological solutions for features and improvements, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software products. The successful candidate will work closely with the product and development teams to plan, develop, and maintain software applications that meet the client's standards and requirements.


  • Develop and implement technical solutions for new features and improvements.
  • Participate actively in development process meetings to contribute ideas and insights.
  • Mentor Junior Developers, assisting with technical solutions and skill enhancement.
  • Continuously learn and understand the codebase to improve coding skills.
  • Write maintainable and readable code that adheres to company standards.
  • Address minor bug fixes and respond promptly to product team requests.
  • Create development tests to ensure software functionality and reliability.
  • Lead the planning of features from requirements gathering to production deployment.
  • Conduct peer reviews of pull requests (PRs) from team members to ensure code quality.
  • Ensure code meets the product manager's requirements and contribute to improving the codebase quality.
  • Maintain and improve build pipelines, staying abreast of industry changes and integrating new technologies into the team.


  • Proven experience with Laravel in a production environment and a solid understanding of VueJS.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of TailwindCSS concepts.
  • Proficiency in writing unit tests using PHPUnit, Jest, Cypress, and optionally Vue Testing Library.
  • Exceptional communication skills for effective collaboration with team members on feature design and delivery.
  • Basic programming experience, including knowledge of databases and operating systems.
  • Team-oriented with the ability to follow instructions and a detail-oriented mindset to ensure work quality.
  • Familiarity with AWS technologies (RDS, S3, Lambda) and experience in a CI/CD environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with different development delivery patterns, creating encapsulated code to enhance delivery velocity.
  • Experience with GitHub and working in a feature branch workflow.

The Client offers a dynamic and supportive environment where innovation and creativity are encouraged. This is an opportunity to work with a forward-thinking team, committed to delivering exceptional software solutions.

Required skills

Laravel vuejs TailwindCSS

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