SEO Specialist for Site Migration

Start Date May 24, 2024


SEO Specialist for Site Migration

The client seeks an experienced SEO Specialist to manage the migration to a new platform. This role involves pre-migration planning, technical audits, mapping and planning, testing, execution, and post-migration monitoring and optimization. The ideal candidate will ensure a seamless transition while maintaining and improving the site's SEO performance.


1. Pre-Migration Planning:
   - Site Audit:
     - Analyse current SEO performance using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, and Sitebulb.
     - Create a comprehensive content inventory, noting performance metrics.
     - Deliverables: Detailed SEO performance report and content inventory spreadsheet.
   - **Benchmarking:**
     - Record traffic benchmarks for key pages.
     - Note the rankings of important keywords.
     - Deliverables: Traffic benchmark report and keyword ranking benchmark report.
   - **Technical SEO Audit:**
     - Identify and fix crawl errors using Google Search Console.
     - Ensure mobile usability of the current site.
     - Deliverables: Crawl errors list with resolution status and mobile usability report.

2. Mapping and Planning:
   - URL Mapping:
     - Develop a comprehensive 301 redirect map from old URLs to new URLs.
     - Ensure content and keyword targeting consistency on the new site.
     - Deliverables: 301 redirect map document and content/keyword consistency plan.
   - Content Preservation:
     - Preserve and optimize high-performing content.
     - Transfer all meta titles, descriptions, and header tags.
     - Deliverables: List of key content with optimization status and metadata transfer plan.

3. Pre-Migration Testing:
   - Ensure the staging site is set to noindex to prevent duplicate content issues.
   - Verify all 301 redirects in the staging environment.
   - Crawl the staging site to identify and fix any technical SEO issues.
   - Deliverables: Technical SEO audit report of the staging site.

4. Migration Execution:
   - Launch Day Checklist:
     - Ensure a complete backup of the current site.
     - Perform a final crawl of the old site to document all URLs.
     - Confirm DNS and hosting changes.
   - Go Live:
     - Implement 301 redirects to ensure old URLs point to the correct new URLs.
     - Ensure the robots.txt file is correctly configured.
     - Remove the noindex tag from the staging site.
     - Deliverables: Final pre-launch audit and go-live execution plan.

5. Post-Migration Monitoring:
   - Immediate Checks:
     - Request indexing for key new pages using Google Search Console.
     - Monitor Google Search Console for crawl errors.
     - Check Google Analytics for traffic drops or unusual activity.
   - Ongoing Monitoring:
     - Track keyword rankings.
     - Monitor traffic levels to key pages.
     - Ensure backlinks are pointing to the correct pages.
     - Deliverables: Keyword ranking monitoring report, traffic monitoring report, and backlink monitoring report.

6. Post-Migration Optimization:
   - Address any 404 errors or redirect issues promptly.
   - Continue to optimize content based on performance metrics and user feedback.
   - Update XML sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.
   - Inform key stakeholders and update external links where possible.
   - Deliverables: Post-migration optimization report and communication updates.

7. Long-Term Strategy:
   - Conduct regular SEO health checks (monthly or quarterly).
   - Implement ongoing SEO improvements and content updates.
   - Deliverables: Regular SEO health check reports and continuous improvement plan.

- Proven experience in managing SEO for site migrations.
- Strong understanding of SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Sitebulb, Screaming Frog, and Ahrefs.
- Expertise in technical SEO, content optimization, and keyword research.
- Excellent project management and communication skills.
- Ability to analyze data and provide actionable insights.

Start Date:[To be determined]
Duration: initial work and potential for longer tern relationship

About the Client:
The client is focused on ensuring a seamless transition to their new platform while maintaining and improving SEO performance. They require an SEO Specialist who can provide strategic oversight and hands-on implementation throughout the migration process.

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