Azure Cloud Engineer

Start Date May 01, 2024


### Job Description: Azure Cloud Engineer

**Location:** Belgium, Brussels  
**Employment Type:** Remote with on-site meetings as required  
**Compensation:** €400 - €500 per day  
**Contract Duration:** at least 12 months  

#### The Client Seeks:
A skilled Azure Cloud Engineer to join their team on a project located in Brussels, Belgium. This role is ideal for candidates who are based in Belgium, as it requires the flexibility to work remotely with occasional on-site meetings. The client is looking for a professional who can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, contributing significantly to the project's success.

#### Responsibilities:
- Design, implement, and manage cloud solutions on Azure.
- Ensure cloud infrastructure security and compliance.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand project needs and deliver effective solutions.
- Participate in the full lifecycle of cloud service deployment, from initial design to final production hand-off.
- Optimize cloud resources for performance and cost.
- Provide technical guidance and support for cloud-related issues.
- Attend on-site meetings in Brussels as required, ensuring a seamless integration between remote work and on-site collaborations.

#### Qualifications:
- **Experience:** At least 5 years of relevant experience in cloud engineering, specifically with Azure.
- **Skills:** Proficient in Azure cloud services, cloud architecture design, and security best practices.
- **Location:** Must be located in Belgium. This is a mandatory requirement, as the role involves both remote work and on-site meetings.
- **Communication:** Strong communication skills, capable of effectively collaborating with team members and stakeholders.
- **Problem-Solving:** Ability to identify and solve complex cloud-related issues.

#### Project Details:
- **Start Date:** Immediate
- **Duration:** Specified upon project kickoff
- **Project Location:** Brussels, Belgium

#### Application Process:
Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply by submitting their resume and a cover letter outlining their experience and suitability for the role. The selection process will include interviews and may involve technical assessments to gauge expertise in Azure cloud services.

### About the Client:
The client is committed to fostering an innovative and inclusive work environment. They value diversity and are looking for a candidate who can contribute unique perspectives to their team. By joining this project, you will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and make a significant impact on the project's success.


This job description has been tailored to meet the specific requirements provided. If there are any additional details or modifications needed, please let me know!

Required skills

Azure Azure API Management Cloud - azure Azure Cosmos DB Azure DevOps Microsoft Azure

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